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The Ultimate Family Picnic Guide (+ a giveaway!)

Young cheerful family with little daughters having holiday with picnic at park in summer day

There’s a reason families have been willing to fend off ants for the privilege of eating outdoors for centuries. Picnics provide a change of scene, a dose of fun and some surprising health benefits. Read on for great recipe ideas, our top picnic tips – and your chance to win!

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Simple steps to beat bug bites this summer

bug bites website size

Summer means outdoor fun for the whole family but it also means the buzzing (and swatting!) of pesky insects. While itchy bug bites are no fun for anyone, many parents are also concerned about using bug sprays, which often contain harmful chemicals. Luckily, our partners at Healthy Child Healthy World have a guide to avoiding bug bites without exposing children to toxic ingredients.

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Easy Recipe: Cheddar Herb Biscuits

Fresh baked savoury scones with sprigs of thyme

These soft cheesy biscuits are ready in less than half an hour! These wholesome, cow milk-free treats are excellent for breakfast or lunch and are great for kids with cow milk sensitivity. Plus, they’re easy to pack for a picnic!

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Food sensitivity 101: What your child’s poop can tell you

Food sensitivity What your child's poop can tell you Kabrita Goat Milk Formula Constipation

Your child’s poop is an indicator of health. And, you may be surprised to learn, it has a lot to say! It can tell you whether they are eating enough fiber, adequately hydrated, digesting food optimally, or even experiencing food sensitivity. Each child is different, but here are some features of poop to keep an eye on – and what clues they can provide about your little one’s digestive health.

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Green summer fun

Boy in a pond with a fishing net catching fish in the summer sun concept for childhood, healthy lifestyle and vacation

Do you remember summer as a kid? For me, summer meant long, lazy days. It meant poison ivy and sunburns and hours of playing outside with no schedule and no supervision. Thinking back, I realize that this easygoing exploration was laying a foundation for appreciating the earth that stayed with me for life. And while summer holidays tend to be way more structured and supervised than they used to be, the season still brings plenty of opportunity to connect with nature and teach kids about our impact on the environment. Here’s how!

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5 ways to teach kids mindfulness

Mother and baby draw color pencil crayons

Learning to feel centered and calm isn’t just valuable for grown-ups. Teaching children mindfulness from a young age can help them regulate their emotions, reduce physical reactions to stress and boost their ability to focus.

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Easy Recipe: Picnic Chicken Bites

Homemade baked chicken nuggets in cheesy crumb

Pack crisp and juicy oven-fried chicken for your next picnic! To make these delicious chicken bites, we swapped the usual buttermilk or ranch dressing for Kabrita Goat Milk Formula for a healthier, cow milk-free alternative to classic fried chicken.

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