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Healthy eating tips for toddlers on summer vacation

Summer is finally here and many families are planning vacations. Traveling with little ones can be rewarding, but it can also be a lot of work! Whether you’re taking a road trip, flying abroad, or heading to the cabin or beach house, check out our mom-approved tips to keep healthy eating simple and easy.

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Baby’s first foods: where to begin?

Solid food introduction can be a fun, but also confusing time for many new parents. It feels like everyone, from health professionals, to grandparents and friends, has an opinion about where to begin, so figuring out what is right for your family can be difficult. Read on to learn more about our top three tips for navigating solid food introduction with your baby.

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Natural and Easy Tips for Gas Relief in Toddlers

Although some gas in toddlers is normal, it should pass easily and without discomfort. Excessive gas in the digestive system may become uncomfortable for some little ones. Read on to learn about our mom-approved tips for natural gas relief for toddlers.

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Best Milk Alternative for Toddlers

For families avoiding cow’s milk, finding the best milk alternative for toddlers, that is nutritionally suitable (and tasty!), can be difficult. Read on to learn about important nutrients in cow milk, why some toddlers may not consume cow’s milk, and what to consider when looking for the best cow’s milk alternative for your little one.

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Tips for Chronic Stuffy Nose in Toddlers

A chronic stuffy or blocked nose that lingers can be frustrating for both kids and parents, and often disrupts sleep. Finding the cause of chronic nasal congestion is important and may differ from child to child. Try these simple strategies to help give your little one stuffy nose relief.

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Kristin Cavallari, we feel your pain

goat milk formula

When the reality TV star announced she was feeding her baby homemade goat milk formula, everyone had an opinion. She was applauded by some for her all-natural approach, and vilified by many for abusing her position of influence and promoting an unproven choice. Like many moms, Kristin says her baby can’t tolerate cow milk formula. So when exclusive breastfeeding is not an option what’s a parent to do?

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