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It’s a goat!!

Kabrita may not be our first-born child, but she sure is an amazing one. Despite the many challenges, delays and general craziness of launching a startup, we are finally ready to announce our newest family member.

The Kabrita team feeling genuinely excited (and relieved) to finally bring Kabrita into the world.
The Kabrita team feeling genuinely excited (and relieved) to finally bring Kabrita into the world.

Happy Birthday to Kabrita – a new line of gentle goat milk foods, specially designed to meet the developing nutritional needs of toddlers. Our naturally easy to digest Goat Milk Toddler Formula and Goat Milk Yogurts and Fruit start with fresh non-GMO goat milk – and little ones think they are awesome.

Our lovely and talented co-founder, Naturopathic Doctor Kate Morrison, has been recommending goat milk to patients with cow milk intolerance for years. Goat milk shares many properties with human milk, including smaller fat globules and gentle proteins that are easy on little tummies. That means even toddlers with sensitive systems can enjoy it.

We’re committed to quality, so to deliver the best to little ones, we partnered with Hyproca Nutrition B.V., a global company with over 70 years of experience in infant nutrition, to make our gentle milk foods.

John Holding can.
Surrogate dad! Here’s our Nutritionist Johan holding the first-ever can of our formula.

Kabrita is about more than feeding your children great food. It’s about helping you nourish your intuition as a parent, and bridging the gap between the ideal of all-natural and the realities of life. We believe it takes education and dialogue to help parents make nutritional choices for their children with confidence and joy. That’s why our website is packed with information, and we will be inviting nutrition experts and parents representing a spectrum of viewpoints to share their stories, expertise and wisdom.

We would love you to join the conversation. Contact us anytime to share your experiences or tell us what you’d like to see up for discussion. You can also join the celebration by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter. On Wednesday, we’re off to introduce our new ‘baby’ to America at Natural Products Expo West so if you happen to be in Anaheim, stop by to say hello at booth 5090 March 6-9!

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