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Real Mom Story: Elizabeth and Alexandra

Learn about how Kabrita goat milk formula was helpful when this momma had to go back to work and was in need to supplement her little one.

I’m lucky I was able to breastfeed, but when I had to go to back to a stressful job, my milk supply dropped significantly and I had to supplement with formula. I felt the guilt that most moms feel over this, so it was important for me to find the right formula I felt confident with.

Finally, I chose a non-GMO formula I liked, which was cow milk based. It seemed to be fine at first, but after a little while Alexandra developed symptoms. She had digestive issues where she was gassy and constipated, and I could tell her tummy was uncomfortable. She wasn’t sleeping well because of it, waking up every 3 or 4 hours with discomfort. And she also had frequent diaper rashes, sometimes extending all the way up her abdomen.

I found KABRITA from doing online research about goat milk, and realized how much easier to digest goat milk protein is. It was also important to me that it’s non-GMO, and made in the Netherlands, since I know European standards are much higher. So many moms swore by it in the reviews, so I decided to give it a try.

I slowly weaned from her regular formula to KABRITA. Within 24 hours, her bowel movements improved dramatically, no more gas, and shortly after she started sleeping 7-8 hours each night. Being able to sleep through the night has made a huge impact on our entire family – I feel normal again! Her rashes also became less frequent, and now she doesn’t get them at all.

Alexandra is now 18 months and only has KABRITA formula, along with her solid foods, which are going really well. I feel so grateful to have found KABRITA, and wish more moms knew how helpful it could be for their baby. This formula is a game-changer!

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