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Real Mom Story: Patricia and Luke

As a pediatrician and new mom, I knew I wanted to breastfeed my son. But when I went back to work, Luke would only breastfeed and refused to drink breast milk from the bottle. After a few long and stressful weeks of dealing with a hungry and unhappy baby, I knew something had to change. I first heard about KABRITA from a colleague and thoroughly researched the company and the nutritional composition of the formula before deciding to try it. The first time I left the formula with the babysitter, I got a call a few short hours later telling me that after refusing breast milk in the bottle again, he drank the entire bottle of Kabrita! I was so relieved.

We’ve been using KABRITA ever since,  when I’m away at work, (or even out on a date night with my husband!), and Luke, who’s now 17 months, loves it. He transitioned very easily with no digestive symptoms, and we’re able to go back and forth easily between KABRITA and breastfeeding, which I love. It has also improved the relationship between my husband and Luke, because he can now stay home with Luke and feed him, leaving a much happier kid and allowing better bonding time. KABRITA has been a total life saver for my family!

As a pediatrician, KABRITA has become my number one recommended formula to patients. I love that is nutritionally complete, and is very easy to digest, which is important since digestive symptoms are the number one complaint I get when babies switch from breast milk to formula. Not with KABRITA! I find it extremely beneficial for little ones dealing with constipation, gas, reflux and eczema, and they typically improve within a week or two. It’s also a great option for Moms who want to continue breastfeeding but need to supplement with formula, or are looking to wean completely to a formula.

KABRITA is the only formula that tastes and smells similar to breastmilk (and I encourage all Moms to taste it!). It is the only formula I’ve found that allows a mother to easily transition back and forth between formula and breastfeeding – most babies will eventually reject one or the other. I have had extremely positive feedback from parents after recommending KABRITA, and am so grateful to have this wonderful product available for my patients.


  1. Can i feed it to my 7 month old? He has been on hipp when i was outside us now back in us he is constipated on most of the us formulas have tried earth’s best, baby’s only and gerber comfort ( which he refuses to drink)

    1. Hello! Our formula meets the nutritional requirements for infant formula in the US, however it has not completed the required clinical trial to be marketed as infant formula. The trial to bring Kabrita goat milk infant formula to the US market is currently underway.

      We do not recommend our toddler formula as the only source of nutrition for babies.

      We always encourage parents to discuss their child’s unique nutritional requirements and feeding options with their healthcare provider. You can find nutrition information about KABRITA Goat Milk Toddler Formula on our website:
      Let us know if you have any other questions, all the best!

  2. My daughter started to develop ezcema, we are transitioning to another formula however this formula has a terrible taste, she doesn’t like it. She is six months old. I wanted to see if Kabrita will be good or is she too young.

    1. Hi Deisy, thank you for your interest in KABRITA! KABRITA Goat Milk Formula is naturally easy to digest and designed to maintain the natural comfort of your little ones during feeding transitions, such as weaning and supplementing. Although Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula meets the FDA nutrient requirements for infant formula, we do not recommend it as the only source of nutrition for either infants or toddlers. We encourage you to contact your primary healthcare provider to discuss your child’s nutritional requirements and the available feeding options. For the formula nutritional profile, please visit us here:
      All the best!
      Kabrita USA.

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