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One-On-One With Holistic Nutritionist and Mom, Peggy K.


Meet Peggy. She’s a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and mom of a happy 17-month-old boy, Christian. She’s been working as a Nutritionist for the past 12 years, has hosted her own cooking show “Kitchen Cures” and is the author of “Must Have Been Something I Ate” and “Kitchen Cures”. We are very excited to partner with Peggy and share her story on our blog!

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Real Mom Story: Janelle and Harper


Every mom’s feeding experience is as unique as her baby. While the journey may be easy for some, others may struggle with many issues. Real Mom Story is a series on our blog where we ask real moms to share their feeding stories. Being a mom can be difficult at times for anyone. Whether you’re expecting or already have little one, we hope these stories can offer you advice on what worked (or didn’t work) for moms just like you. Today, we will be sharing Janelle and Harper’s story!

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Symptom Spotlight: Gas in Toddlers

Gas in toddlers is normal, but it can become uncomfortable and disrupt good sleeping and eating habits. Read on to learn more about gas in toddlers and what dietary factors may help with gas relief for toddlers.

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Real Mom Story: Atlanta & Baby Bua

This little one experienced severe acid reflux and his momma tried every formula on the market, including organic ones. Read about how she found KABRITA Goat Milk Formula!

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Symptom Spotlight: Toddler Constipation

Poop will vary, from child to child, and day to day. But what is right for your little one? Read on to learn more about constipation in toddlers and how certain foods, such as cow milk, may contribute to uncomfortable tummy symptoms.

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Food sensitivity 101: What your child’s poop can tell you

Your child’s poop is an indicator of health. And, you may be surprised to learn, it has a lot to say! It can tell you whether they are eating enough fiber, adequately hydrated, digesting food optimally, or even experiencing food sensitivity. Each child is different, but here are some features of poop to keep an eye on – and what clues they can provide about your little one’s digestive health.

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Leaky gut & food sensitivities

As parents, we spend a lot of time focused on taking care of our child’s “outside body” – dinner, bath, story time and snuggles at bedtime is certainly a daily routine at our house. But it’s just as important to pay attention to how their “inside body” works and what it needs to thrive. One key system to understand in children is the digestive system and how its health may affect the rest of the body.

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Tummy Troubles: Understanding the symphony of digestion

The digestive system is like a symphony orchestra: all parts need to work together to create a harmonious outcome. Each step of digestion contributes to the breakdown of food and ultimately, to successful absorption and assimilation of macro and micronutrients. Here’s how the digestive system works – and how you can help ensure your child’s is operating optimally.

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Goat Milk 101

Learn more about goat milk and why it can be such a great solution for little ones with cow milk sensitivity. KABRITA USA’s co-founder (and naturopathic physician) answers your questions.

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