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Praise for KABRITA non-GMO Goat Milk Formula

The KABRITA USA team is active throughout the US, attending medical conferences and events, connecting with pediatricians, nurse practitioners, and other health professionals from across the country, and discussing goat milk nutritional science and the benefits of KABRITA non-GMO Goat Milk Formula.

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Real Mom Story: Atlanta & Baby Bua

This little one experienced severe acid reflux and his momma tried every formula on the market, including organic ones. Read about how she found KABRITA Goat Milk Formula!

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Blueberry Almond Gluten-Free Pancakes

These almond blueberry pancakes are the perfect breakfast for the whole family to enjoy. They are loaded in protein and fiber that will keep everyone feeling full, happy and focused all the way to lunch! Added bonus: they are made with KABRITA’s Non-GMO Whole Goat Milk Powder, which adds valuable nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D.

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Homemade Goat Milk Formula Recipes vs KABRITA Goat Milk Formula

We know making feeding choices can be complicated and all families try to do the best for their baby. And, for those seeking goat milk* sourced formula, it can be even harder. Currently, there are limited options available in the US; as a result, some families may choose to import products from other countries, which don’t meet FDA standards of infant formula, or make their own homemade formula. Read on to learn more about the differences between homemade goat milk formula and KABRITA goat milk formula.

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Kristin Cavallari, we feel your pain

goat milk formula

When the reality TV star announced she was feeding her baby homemade goat milk formula, everyone had an opinion. She was applauded by some for her all-natural approach, and vilified by many for abusing her position of influence and promoting an unproven choice. Like many moms, Kristin says her baby can’t tolerate cow milk formula. So when exclusive breastfeeding is not an option what’s a parent to do?

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