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Goat Milk Formula: Choosing The Best For Your Baby

For families looking for an alternative to cow milk formula, goat milk formula may be an ideal choice. But is “less” truly “more” when it comes to goat milk formula ingredients? Read on to learn more about important differences in goat milk formula.

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Real Mom Story: Mary and Elliotte

I was set on breastfeeding my little girl, Elliotte, and eventually ended up having to pump exclusively. I was constantly getting terrible mastitis from pumping, and knew I had to start weaning. When considering which formula to use, I wanted something that was easy to digest, gentle on her stomach, and overall a high quality option. I started asking friends about their experience with formula and doing my own research.

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Praise for KABRITA non-GMO Goat Milk Formula

The KABRITA USA team is active throughout the US, attending medical conferences and events, connecting with pediatricians, nurse practitioners, and other health professionals from across the country, and discussing goat milk nutritional science and the benefits of KABRITA non-GMO Goat Milk Formula.

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