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Ranch Dip

Ranch dip is a summertime staple, so we’ve updated this classic just in time for BBQ season! Here we have the perfect twist to the traditional recipe using KABRITA’s non-GMO Whole Goat Milk Powder, making our version both high in protein and cow’s milk dairy free.

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Summer Spaghetti

Here’s a healthy (and yummy!) twist to usual pasta for your next spaghetti night. We love this recipe because it’s loaded with fiber-packed veggies and delivers high quality protein, thanks to KABRITA’s non-GMO Whole Goat Milk Powder. It works great as a main or pasta salad side-dish if you’re hosting (or attending) a summer BBQ.

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Easy recipe: Green Mango Smoothie

This protein and fiber-packed green smoothie is delicious for breakfast or a snack. The recipe is cow milk-free, making it a great option for children with cow milk sensitivity. Plus, it’s gluten free and full of essential nutrients like calcium, vitamin A and vitamin C.

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