Kabrita USA – a new type of Formula Company

Kabrita USA delivers nourishment and comfort to children and their parents through our naturally easy to digest Goat Milk Formula. We empower families with a new choice in formula feeding - one that marries the ideal of all-natural with the rigor and safety of science.

Kabrita USA is 100% women run and led by Moms. Our mission is to empower parents to nourish their child with confidence. We strive to add value to our community through our commitment to education, transparency & supportive communication.

Meet the Kabrita USA Team!

Simona Irwin
General Manager

Kathy Ristic
Financial Controller

Carla Pietri
Brand Manager

Annie Salsberg
Senior Manager
Medical Engagement & Education

Lauren Hamacher
Logistics & Supply Chain

Tanya Nagi
Social Media &
Community Coordinator

Lina Ristevska
Sales & Marketing

Kabrita USA is a division of Ausnutria, a company with over 100 years of dairy expertise.

Photography by natalieroessler.com