KABRITA Affiliate Program

KABRITA USA was founded from a desire to offer more feeding choices to families across the US, and to create a gentle formula that would maintain a baby’s natural comfort and ease.

We started with the gentlest milk, and then adapted and fortified our formula to deliver nutrients that a growing little one needs. We married the best elements of nature and science to deliver a safe, quality formula that is easily available in North America.

Over the past 3 years, our community has become a leading source of baby and toddler nutrition, recipes, stories, and support. We’re still a bit of a diamond in the rough, reaching just a small number of parents who are seeking a milk alternative, or formula, that is gentle and nutritious. Which is why we decided to launch our new affiliate program, to help parents share their success stories with other parents who are looking for a solution for their little one.

Spread the love, share the solution!

Spread the love, share the solution! Our affiliate program is a simple way to help other moms! By sharing your experience with KABRITA, you’ll earn extra income for baby gear, date nights – or to tuck away into a college fund!

Affiliate Program Highlights:

  • 10% commission on all sales
  • 45 return day cookie
  • Affiliate only promotions
  • A variety of compelling banners and text links
  • A dedicated affiliate management team

If you’re a member of a blogger network, please mention that in the description of your site when you sign up, or email us at sales@kabrita.ca.

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