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Toddler Nutrition 101: Why toddlers naturally reject vegetables (and how we can help them love ’em again!)

Several times a week in my pediatric naturopathic practice, I see the same old struggle between parents and their toddlers with regards to eating vegetables. Parents will say, “My child used to eat everything I gave her as a baby. She loved vegetables, and now all she wants are carbs and sugary foods!” I’ve seen them try every possible trick in the book to incorporate more vegetables into their child’s diet – from hiding minute traces of them in pasta sauce, to pureeing them into a fruit smoothie, even the reward approach (“I’ll give you a cookie for dessert if you eat your Brussels sprouts”) and yet the toddler still rejects veggies. So what gives?

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Stress Less: How to make time for nutritious food at home

Good nutrition is important for everyone, but it’s especially important for growing children. Studies show that good nutrition in childhood helps promote optimal physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. It also lays the foundation for better health throughout life. Ideally, we’d all have time to prepare perfectly balanced, gourmet fare every day… but let’s be realistic. As busy parents with hectic schedules that’s not going to happen. Here are my best ideas for maintaining good nutrition when real life gets in the way.

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Stress Less: 5 new ways to look at “picky eating”

If you have a toddler in the house, chances are, you have first-hand experience with picky eating. A quick Google search turns up nearly two million hits on combating the “problem”. But what if instead of seeing it as a problem, we took a step back, accepted it for the normal stage it is, and went from there.

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