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3 tips for raising an earth-loving family

I find myself wondering a lot what it means to be a green, earth-lovin’ mama. Before I was a mom I had a clear vision of what raising a healthy, green family would look like. But now I realize it pretty much looked like my life then and there as a double-income-no-kids wife, woman and friend – and that life changed completely when we started our family.

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The 5 languages of love

We all love our children. But since love is subjective, they might not always feel how much. Here’s how to recognize the love “language” that will speak to them.

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Easy Recipe: Lemon Cupcakes

These delicious cupcakes are bursting with flavor! We swapped butter for goat milk yogurt, so they have less fat than the average cupcake. Plus, they’re great for kids with cow milk sensitivity.

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