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How improving kids’ gut health can boost their mood

As parents, we tend to spend more time worrying about keeping kids away from harmful bacteria than we do thinking about the role of the healthy bacteria that lives in their gut. But paying attention to gut health (and understanding the powerful role of nutrition!) has a host of benefits – including helping kids regulate mood and behavior.

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Why laughing matters for kids

There’s a reason laughter is still referred to as the best medicine. People who laugh more have been shown to have fewer health problems and developing a child’s sense of humor can also have wide-ranging positive effects on their social and emotional development. Here’s how to cultivate more laughter and nourish your children’s sense of humor.

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Toddler Nutrition 101: All about food preservatives

Food preservatives are a type of food additive – substances added to food in order to maintain or improve quality, make it more appealing, and extend shelf life. Other food additives include colors, texturizers, nutrients, and flavors. Here are four common preservatives and what you need to know about their potential impact on children’s health.

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