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How diet can play a part in ear infection prevention

ear infection prevention

Ear infections can be common in children – and when they become chronic it affects the whole family. Read on to learn how certain foods may play a role in the reoccurrence of this painful condition and identify alternatives that can help.

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Symptom Spotlight: Chronic Diarrhea

Kabrita Symptom Spotlight: Diarrhea

While the occasional bout of acute diarrhea is generally associated with a viral or bacterial infection and resolves quickly, chronic diarrhea is different. Read on to learn more about this common childhood symptom, its causes, and solutions.

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Lactose and your little one: 4 things to know

Lactose intolerance

Lactose intolerance is often blamed for tummy troubles in children who drink cow milk, but the truth is lactose intolerance is uncommon across all populations before 2 or 3 years of age. Read on for more about lactose – and what might really be causing the symptoms.

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How to prepare KABRITA Goat Milk Formula

While the amount of formula you feed your baby will vary based on age, preparation instructions and mixing ratios do not change. In fact it’s important to follow the label instructions to ensure you meet your child’s nutritional requirements. Read on for how to mix your child’s ideal serving size.

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Real Mom Story: Deborah & Noah

KABRITA Real mom story

For this doctor and mom, KABRITA Goat Milk formula has been a good solution for her eczema-prone son – and a solution she recommends for other families when it comes time to wean.

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Behind the label: Iron

Behind the label: Iron in Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula

Iron is a critical micronutrient added to KABRITA Goat Milk Formula and it’s essential for growing toddlers. Read on to learn more about this ingredient.

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