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Easy Recipe: Beet & Berry Smoothie

Kabrita beet berry goat milk smoothie recipe

Boost fiber and protein for on-the-go breakfasts or snacks with this cow milk-free beet smoothie. Bonus: It’s packed with essential nutrients like calcium and vitamin C, and the berries add antioxidants.

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Diet Diary – Download here

Kabrita diet diary

Children’s nutrition can play a powerful role in overall health — and many common childhood symptoms can be related to food sensitivity. One of the easiest ways to identify a potential food trigger is by keeping a diet diary.

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Real Mom Story: Jessica & Gus

Kabrita Real Mom Story Jessica Gus ear infections

One mom’s story about how making the switch to goat milk formula helped with her little boy’s chronic ear infections, relieved his eczema symptoms and reduced congestion.

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Understanding the fat in formula

Understanding the fat in formula | KABRITA

In the US, the infant formula industry standard is to replace animal fat with a vegetable oil blend in order to best match the complex fatty acid composition found in breast milk. Read on to learn more about fatty acids, KABRITA’s premium OPO fat blend and how it supports development.

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Symptom Spotlight: Nasal congestion

Kabrita Cow Milk Sensitivity Symptom Spotlight Nasal Congestion

All babies and children experience the occasional stuffy nose. It tends to come and go within a week and can often be related to illness. Chronic nasal congestion on the other hand, lingers – and can be caused by factors such as diet and environment. Read on to learn more about this common childhood ailment – and our best advice for treatment and prevention.

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Smart winter fun

We know playing outside has a host of benefits for children’s health. Here’s why it’s also great for brain development.

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