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Does Baby Formula contain hidden toxins? Some thoughts on the Clean Label Project report.

We applaud efforts to create greater food label and ingredient transparency. And so, it was with great interest that our team reviewed Clean Label Project’s baby food and infant formula product ratings. While we were initially pleased to see that Kabrita Goat Milk Formula received a 5 star review, we were also confused about the lack of accessible data. As Moms, we understood that this type of viral media could cause a lot of distress and confusion, further complicating the already challenging job of making healthy and thoughtful feeding choices.

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Goat Milk Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

October is all about pumpkin spice and we couldn’t be happier! Here is our twist on a traditional pumpkin spice drink that is loaded in calcium, protein, and delicious pumpkin flavor! It is also a perfect fall dessert after a family dinner.

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Goat Milk Formula: Choosing The Best For Your Baby

For families looking for an alternative to cow milk formula, goat milk formula may be an ideal choice. But is “less” truly “more” when it comes to goat milk formula ingredients? Read on to learn more about important differences in goat milk formula.

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