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How to Travel with a Baby

So you’ve booked your family vacation! A part of you is thrilled at the thought of being able to kick up your feet and let go of everyday routine. Then, you remember that you’re a parent and your baby is also coming along with you. Panic comes over you, and you start wondering, “how the heck do I travel with a baby?” The days of flying through the airport in 15 minutes flat with TSA pre-check and a carry-on are gone. Now it’s checked luggage, travel strollers, and more carry-on luggage than airlines typically allow – all with a baby in tow. Peggy K, a registered holistic nutritionist and Kabrita mom, has compiled her tips on how to travel with a baby!

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GMO Ingredients in Baby Formula: What Parents Need to Know

Young children are among the most vulnerable to environmental toxins. Long-lasting exposure, to even small amounts, can have a significant impact on their growth, and physical and mental development. Genetically modified ingredients may be associated with greater use of pesticides. Learn more about GMO ingredients in baby formula and how to reduce pesticides in your little one’s diet!

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Toddler Formula: Should You Be Using One For Your Baby?

Every family’s journey is unique when it comes to weaning and supplementing with toddler formula. Research Neuroscientist, Dr. Nicole Avena, shares her insights on the benefits of using a toddler formula for your little one and why you might want to consider a goat milk based option.

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