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Symptom Spotlight: Reflux

Baby reflux is considered normal, but excessive amounts can be frustrating and messy for parents! Read on to learn more about reflux spit-up.

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Symptom Spotlight: Gas in Toddlers

Gas in toddlers is normal, but it can become uncomfortable and disrupt good sleeping and eating habits. Read on to learn more about gas in toddlers and what dietary factors may help with gas relief for toddlers.

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Easy and Natural Tips To Reduce Toddler Eczema

No one likes seeing his or her child uncomfortable. But for families with children who have eczema, distressing, itchy rashes are all too common. Eczema in children may stem from a variety of factors, such as contact irritants, environmental allergens, and even certain foods (like cow milk). While it’s always key to address the root cause with your healthcare professional, here are our top five tips to reduce toddler eczema.

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Symptom Spotlight: Toddler Constipation

Poop will vary, from child to child, and day to day. But what is right for your little one? Read on to learn more about constipation in toddlers and how certain foods, such as cow milk, may contribute to uncomfortable tummy symptoms.

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Symptom Spotlight: Chronic chest congestion

While a congested chest is often related to a respiratory infection and resolves within a week, chronic respiratory congestion lingers and can be an uncomfortable nuisance. Read on to learn about the symptoms of this common childhood ailment – and our best advice for treatment and prevention.

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Symptom Spotlight: Nasal congestion

Kabrita Cow Milk Sensitivity Symptom Spotlight Nasal Congestion

All babies and children experience the occasional stuffy nose. It tends to come and go within a week and can often be related to illness. Chronic nasal congestion on the other hand, lingers – and can be caused by factors such as diet and environment. Read on to learn more about this common childhood ailment – and our best advice for treatment and prevention.

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