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Happy Father’s Day!

The men in our lives play many important roles: friend, husband, coach, mower-of-lawns and master of the grill. But at the end of the day, one of the most important roles a man can play is his part as a father. We asked the Kabrita team about their most memorable father-child moments – and what makes the men in their lives the best dads ever.


“I always loved the enthusiasm my dad had when he came home from work. He’d often play games, like peeking through the living room window, or hiding behind the doorway to the kitchen, just long enough for us to notice him and squeal with delight! Then he’d come charging in and scoop us up in a big bear hug. The energy and joy my dad reserved just for us has taught me to show the same level of enthusiasm when I see my own kids at the end of the day.”

– Kate Morrison, N.D. CEO and partner

“My husband Scott is an amazing Dad! This spring, Scott helped Sawyer build his first bike. Sawyer saved up his own money, got it changed at the bank into a $10 bill and purchased a second hand bike. They took it completely apart, painted it and put it back together. Sawyer would tell me, ‘I’m busy workin’ on my bike with Papa.’ When he finally got to ride it he was so happy!”

– Simona Irwin, Sales Manager

“The smile that my boys have on their faces when they wrestle and roughhouse with their dad is the best! They adore their time with Daddy and it warms my heart to see the three of them in those moments of just total happiness.”

– Carla Pietri, Marketing Manager

“As a little girl, every Sunday was Daddy-Daughter Day. Spending solo-time with my dad meant doing things we both liked, such as grabbing an ice cream cone at the shop down the street. It’s no wonder I have such a sweet tooth today.”

– Cristina Esteve, PR intern

“My husband is a typical British “bloke” (before fatherhood, his chief love was having beer down at the pub and watching football). He still loves those things, but I know our son comes before anything and anyone. Whenever my son has trouble sleeping, Alex scoops him up and sings Kiss From a Rose by Seal, with a look of pure adoration on his face, until he drifts off. I love that when it comes to his little boy, my English bloke is a total softie. “

– Kali Pearson, Public Relations Manager

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