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How to Travel with a Baby

So you’ve booked your family vacation! A part of you is thrilled at the thought of being able to kick up your feet and let go of everyday routine. Then, you remember that you’re a parent and your baby is also coming along with you. Panic comes over you, and you start wondering, “how the heck do I travel with a baby?” The days of flying through the airport in 15 minutes flat with TSA pre-check and a carry-on are gone. Now it’s checked luggage, travel strollers, and more carry-on luggage than airlines typically allow – all with a baby in tow. Peggy K, a registered holistic nutritionist and Kabrita mom, has compiled her tips on how to travel with a baby!

Written By Peggy Kotsopoulos. Peggy is a Manhattan-based, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Culinary Consultant focused on teaching real health through lifestyle and dietary choices that are easy and delicious!

Before you decide to cancel your trip, take a deep breath, and read these tips to help you along the journey! Due to the nature of my work and having family all over the world, I’ve been travelling with my now toddler since he was 5-weeks old mostly on my own. Here’s what I’ve learned along the way:

Pack Light

I’m talking about you, Mama! Forget about packing different shoes for different outfits because any extra real estate in your luggage now has your baby’s name all over it. I find it works best only to have one large bag to be shared between you and the baby. Trying to pull more than one suitcase, a stroller, and carry-on is not simple. You only have two hands, so put them to work wisely. There is no judgment on how large this one piece of luggage is – I’m pretty sure my son and I can both fit in ours – it’s going to be checked-in anyway. Pack only the essentials, such as clothes, jackets, shoes, and toiletries. You can leave your baby’s bath towel at home. The one provided at the destination will do for a few days.

Shop Ahead

There’s no reason to waste space by packing thing like diapers, wipes, and snacks. Use Amazon and ship all of those items directly to your hotel or your vacation home. If you’re heading to a beach destination, add swim diapers, cheap sand toys to your order, or even a book to your order. After your vacation, you can donate them!

Gear Down

Gearing down may depend on the age of your child(ren). The rule here is, as with everything, less is more! I personally only travel with a stroller. When my son was an infant, I would bring the infant car seat carrier that would fit into the base of the stroller and would gate-check both the items. As he got older, I started using BabyZen YoYo+ stroller. The stroller would fold up with one hand to fit in the bulkhead of the aircraft. As for car seats, I usually rent one with the rental car at my destination. If that’s not an option, I would suggest a car seat travel cart to lug that thing around. You can even strap your kid into it and pull him around the airport, not even needing a stroller. For two kids under 3 years (you brave one, you), I would baby wear the infant, check-in the infant seat, and follow the above for toddler.

Packing Your Carry-on

Your carry-on is your in-flight survival kit. What lives in here (or doesn’t) will make or break your flight. The essentials:

  • Enough diapers to last you till you get to your hotel, a new package of wipes and change pad.
  • Extra change of clothes for accidents and poop explosions, which always seem to happen the moment you are about to board a flight
  • Alcohol-free hand sanitizing wipes, to wipe things down, like tray tables, seat belt buckles, armrests, windows, and anything your little ones would like to lick.
  • Lots of snacks – all of their favorite ones. Pack healthy snacks (apple slices, cheese, grapes, cucumber) and some of their favorite treats. If there is any time to bust out a special gift, this is it! Use whatever that will keep them busy and quiet!
  • A sippy cup of fresh water, and another bottle for milk or formula. I pack a ziplock bag of Kabria Goat Milk Formula with me to add to water. Kabrita ensures he’ll still get optimal nutrition while on the go. Plus, the protein and healthy fats will keep his satiated.
  • Books or toys to keep them entertained but keep them small and minimal.
  • A credit card to buy the very patient and kind soul sitting next to you a glass of wine.

Note: the rules surrounding travelling with liquids do not apply to infants or toddlers so that you can travel with baby liquids and foods greater than 3oz. However, it will be subject to additional screening, so give yourself time!

Take your time and relax!

While relaxation may seem like a thing of the distant past as a parent, it still exists, but it has evolved just a bit. Give yourself plenty of extra time to account for the unknown surprises that may arise. Some airlines let parents travelling with young children board early – take advantage. Also, don’t get too upset if your kid cries on the flight. 100% of the time it causes more stress to the parents, than the people sitting around you.  Take a big breath and exhale. It is a vacation after all! Bon voyage!

Kabrita non-GMO Goat Milk Formula is designed to maintain the natural comfort of little ones during feeding transitions, such as weaning, supplementing or changing formulas due to skin or tummy troubles*.

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