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Understanding date coding

As parents our number one concern is the safety and well being of our children. Date codes are a simple and effective way to ensure the quality and safety of our children’s food.

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There are two types of date codes used on KABRITA products. The USE BY date and the BEST BEFORE date.


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires a use by, or expiration, date on all infant formula.

How are date codes determined?

In the US, infant formula must undergo a comprehensive shelf life study to determine the use by date. During a shelf life study the formula is stored for a period of time longer than the expected shelf life, in order to observe, test and record changes in the products characteristics.

“Shelf life” means the anticipated amount of time that an unopened food product, when stored under appropriate conditions, will retain its freshness, taste and nutritional value.

The shelf life takes into account all possible variability between product batches and storage conditions, including the period of time over which a product will be consumed.

KABRITA formula has a shelf life of 30 months and must be consumed within one month of opening. Thanks to the extensive testing mandated by the FDA formula is safe to consume and meets all nutritional and quality requirements up to the end of the shelf life. This means you can use the product up to and including the use by date.

Some parents might notice that products with high levels of nutrients like formula will develop a slightly stronger smell as the product ages.  The smell is due to the interaction of the vitamins and minerals with the small amount of oxygen in the can between the product and the cap.  Though the smell may be more noticeable over time, the product is safe to consume and meets all nutritional and quality standards, until it has reached the use by date.

You can find the use by date code for KABRITA formula on the bottom of the can beside the manufacturing date.

The code will read: USE BY Year / Month / Day

Best Before Date – KABRITA Goat Milk Yogurt and Fruit

Best before or best by dates appear on a wide range of frozen, dried, tinned and other foods. Food kept after the best before date may begin to lose its optimum flavor, texture and some nutrients.

KABRITA Goat Milk Yogurt and Fruit has a 13-month shelf life and must be consumed within 24 hours of opening. The best before date can be found on the back of the package along the blue band at the bottom of the label.

The code will read: BB (Best Before) Day / Month / Year.

Whether you choose formula or yogurt, you can be confident that your product is safe, delicious and meets the nutritional standards set out on the label until the USE BY or BEST BEFORE dates have been reached.

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