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10 Ways To Teach Your Kids About Love

Teaching love at home is something personal and special for every family. Nurturing self-love and love for others is a very important gift we give our children. We asked our Kabrita Moms to share some of their favorite ways of doing this with their little ones, and here’s what they had to say!

Every day we tell our munchkins that we love them. We make sure that they know they are loved and help them understand what it means to love and be loved. Wherever we go we try to do Good deeds and help them understand the importance of being a thoughtful and caring individual.” – themamichronicles

“I show the meaning of love to my child by not only my words but my actions. I show them how easy it is to spread the love not only to humans but animals and our earth by appreciating and respecting their presence. We grow together, clean together and care for our animals together. It is important to include our children in our life mission!”- ashleydunlop85

We talk about love and generosity a lot. It’s what our faith is all about. We try to show examples of what that looks like practically to strangers by giving and donating material items, but also to those closest by treating them how we want to be treated, with kindness and sharing our toys, etc. Usually easier said than done, but practice and having open communication about feelings and what’s right. It’s a journey of learning, even for adults. You see where your struggles and bias’ are and you work through those to a better, more loving self. – breetalks

I teach my children the meaning of love by always referring back to the most important model: treating others how you want to be treated. Whenever my daughter is harsh towards others I then ask her how she would like that to be done to her. At first the idea was alien to her but now she realizes she can cause the hurt feelings that she herself has experienced. She is slowly evolving to treat others with the respect and kindness she desires. – dianacevans

I show my children the meaning of love by appreciating what we have and letting them know that bigger isn’t always better. We like to treat others nicely and in return, that’s how we like to be treated. We love making thank you cards for Xmas, bday gifts and also make personal phone calls to family to say we love them and miss them. – yolanda.ortegahackett

In our house we teach love in many different ways, because love is complex and it’s different for every child. Based on the need and the kiddo, we listen, we hug, we tuck into bed, we attend events, we serve, we pray for, and we express how we feel. Every night as a family we take turns sharing a complement with another family member. It’s been a great way for them to learn to look for the good in others! – meltedsnickers

Today we taught love with a good old-fashioned cry. We walked down the hallway we have of family pictures naming each be they here or “gone” and say I love you and give a nod to each one. – darksparkle

While my daughter is just over 1 year old, I be sure to tell her how special and loved she is by our family. How much we hoped to grow our family by one and how blessed we are that she is the gift we were given. Every day is a gift and we should live every moment to the fullest. We shower in kisses and hugs, get silly and messy, try new things together and teach her how to love and share with not only people but our furry and feathery friends too. I see her sensitive heart already and am so excited to watch it grow, supporting her every step of the way! – lovecelee

I teach my daughter about the meaning of love everyday by showing her! Modeling it for her is a huge priority for our family. My son is only 7 months old so he gets lots of snuggles and kisses. My daughter absolutely loves showering her baby brother with hugs and kisses. The love that she shows to him fills my heart with a bursting joy! – amandahstrunk

We talk so often about what makes people special… what talents or knowledge they bring to the table that we can and should appreciate. My son has ASD and it’s very important to me that he acknowledges goodness in other so he learns how to see the same in himself. We’re working hard on practicing compliments and showing gratitude. – participationtrophywife

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